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Join Our Team

Blues Hair Studio a L'Anza salon, is seeking passionate professionals who want to be part of a bigger team, unified culture, and want a career, not just a job.

We offer the following positions: Hairstylist, esthetician, and Guest Services.



Imagine a career that you love because you can create a positive effect personally and professionally with those around you that creates a chain of good in the community and beyond.  Sounds powerful, doesn’t it?

Agreed and it’s our Mission at Blues.  We like to call ourselves Blueists: we believe in kindness, empathy, wellness, happiness, collaboration, teaching others, being open minded, and caring for the world we live in.

We are in a time where there are so many luring choices for your career but is it the right for you?

Independence is trending yet we truly cannot do anything alone with the same benefits as being with a team that stands behind you. We need each other to reach our goals, our dreams, and stay laser focused on your career.

Blues Hair Studio has a culture that nurtures your needs.

We created a culture that takes care of our teams’ needs through three core values: communication, commitment, and growth.  Our culture is not to be taken lightly, we protect it and nurture the well-being of each other and every guest that comes to our salon.

Our team base business model ensures this through a collaborative culture and supportive environment. Don’t let the name of our pay discourage you from personal growth, it’s quite the opposite.  We focus on each individual by developing your own personal growth path. You are control of your growth! The team part is about growing our brand and each other together with pride.


We Believe

  • We are radically re-engineering the Beauty Industry and the doctrines which have ruled us for far too long, creating new opportunities and breaking ceilings. We have no ceilings
  • We champion hourly Team Base pay, promoting healthy growth and a collaborative, supportive culture. We support financially successful careers!
  • Our ability to meet a guest’s needs shouldn’t be dependent on one service provider, collaboration is best.
  • Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins Championships, we have both.
  • Our Team comes first: Happy team, happy customers.
  • Continuing Education is the core of our growth and enthusiasm and it’s fully funded by the company.
  • Leadership is the heartbeat of our culture and a shared responsibility.
  • Work/life balance is essential for a long lasting career and our well being. Flexible schedules are at the heart of providing this.


Career Incentives:

  • Paid education (we bring the talent in salon)
  • Onboarding/skill certification training
  • Aveda training
  • Management/leadership opportunities
  • Monthly rewards
  • Paid time off
  • Paid meetings and prep time
  • Service/product discounts
  • Career/ goal setting
  • Career coaching
  • Flexible schedules
  • Guaranteed, healthy hourly pay
  • Unlimited growth potential
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Company sponsored supplemental insurance
  • Financial training
  • Open book management

If this sounds like the right fit for you, please fill in our application. We are excited to talk with you!

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